AT-AT Popcorn buckets

Hello all, my family and I are going to WDW in a few weeks. Do they still have AT-AT popcorn buckets at HS?

I am in HS now. I have not seen the AT-AT buckets . Now they have the MF buckets but even they are hard to find.

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I’m pretty sure they don’t. It was a limited time item. They’ve rotated to the Millennium Falcon buckets now.

Photo courtesy of Touring Plans

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Thanks for the info, both of you!

Lol, that looks very convenient to carry around.

Not so convenient to get your hand into, though.

If you look at the bottom left of the pic, you’ll see there’s a strap you are supposed to wear and carry it around like a big necklace. :crazy_face:

It’s not even that deep, so don’t go shoving your hand in there too fast or you’ll jam a finger!

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I saw a lot of people with them the last few days. They look real cool but not real practical

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shut up and take my money!
I hope they still have these in May