Assigning tickets?

hope there is an easy answer to this…we are headed to WDW next week. Our family of 5 is staying on site with package tickets. I have relatives joining us and I have bought their tickets and loaded their fast passes. Those are hard tickets which I have in hand. Does it matter which physical ticket they end up with, or as long as they keep whichever when they show at the gate, it doesn’t matter up until that point? Hope I explained that right. thanks!

It may be best to look at the numbers and wrote the names on the tickets, but it should not matter until they first enter the park. Then it will be very important for them to have the correct ticket. If there are children/adults that could be an issue too. iOS course, if they have MBs, none of this matters.

all adults. but how do we even know which hard ticket goes with which person? or it doesnt matter, and when they go to enter, they will ask them their name? and then, that will activate the fast passes under those names linked to my account? Sorry if this sounds dumb (it does to me), I have no worries about our magic bands for our resort stay. Just confused how these other people will end up meeting us at the park and have the right fast passes with no hassle or confusion. Since my original post, I did give them their hard tickets.

In MDE, against their name there should be a ticket number.

That ticket number will be on the actual hard ticket somewhere.

You need to make sure each person has the ticket with the number showing on MDE.

Update: I had no ticket numbers that I could find on my email receipts, nor in MDE, just names. I just called Disney. First CM didn’t quite get what I was asking. Transferred me to internet support (10+ minute wait). He was very helpful, was able to look up the names on my account, and the numbers on the backs of each hard ticket. Told me which ticket goes with which person. Whew. One less thing for me to worry about it not working right…