ASMu vs. Poly/AKL

Flirting with the idea of booking my first ever solo trip! Haven’t asked DH yet but am wanting to keep it on the lower cost of things. Considering ASMu. I’ve stayed at Poly twice and AKL twice. Love both of these. Will I be incredibly disappointed with ASMu after only staying deluxe to this point?

Looking at a 3 night stay in mid-February. Check in on a Wednesday.

I don’t think you will mind staying value, I tend to stay at Pop when solo but choose moderate or deluxe when with my family. The small rooms aren’t a problem when you are alone, and really it is just a place to sleep and shower when on a short trip.


It’s kind like staying in a Best Western after staying in a Hilton. When I go solo, I typically stay value - POP is my preferred resort. I typically spend very little time at the resort; my room is primarily a place to sleep and shower and I rarely if ever spend time at a pool, and even more rarely eat at the hotel unless it’s to pick up an AM snack. Solo, size of room makes little difference to me. And of course you can stay 3 or 4 nights at a value for the price of 1 at a deluxe…

When Cindy comes with me, I stay deluxe - but only if I can get a good deal on a DVC rental (NO WAY would I ever pay rack rate for a deluxe). If I can’t, we stay at SOG, which is basically a deluxe (without good food options) and costs only slightly more than rack rate at value.


It might help to make a list of the things you want to get out of the trip, and maybe rank them. If a plush bed and large/ luxurious bathroom, a pool with waterslide, or on-site sit down meals are near the top of the list then perhaps a value resort isn’t a great choice for you. If, on the other hand, staying on budget budget or doing some of the parties or experiences that cost more are near the top of the list then you’ll see that the less costly resort is your best option.


Is the point of this solo trip to have mostly park time or enjoy a resort? I stayed at Pop when solo and it was great for what I wanted- somewhere to crash when I wasn’t in the park. If I were going to have lots of resort time (besides a midday nap) then I would consider somewhere else.

Also- solo trips are AMAZING!


@BoilerMomPharmD, @Wahoohokie and @bswan26 you guys are confirming what I was thinking. That it wouldn’t really matter all that much being solo. I am concerned about noise level at night…thought I remember reading that some of the values + cheerleading groups can lead to noisy conditions when trying to sleep?? But yeah, @Nikkipoooo, my main focus will be all of the park time on my own agenda. Not thinking I’ll be there more than to sleep.

Fingers crossed DH is receptive to the idea. It’s laughable how excited going to WDW alone makes me!!


After coming away from my last few trips sort of feeling like my planning was 100% expected but not really appreciated (like, lots of “Oh, I wish we could have done this for dinner instead” or “I thought you said it wasn’t going to be as busy this week!” when they see a 25 minute line) I’m definitely leaning more toward a solo trip where I don’t have to feel responsible for satisfying other people’s ridiculous expectations.


I worried about noise levels at the values as well, but am happy to say all 3 times I have stayed at them it has been fine. But, I always request top floor (and have gotten it), and I sleep with a travel fan for noise. I do this at all hotels, not just at Disney.

That’s encouraging!! I always use a white noise app away from home so hopefully that would drown out any auxiliary noise.

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Growing up I was a very heavy sleeper but once my DD was born, I wake to a pin drop. We have stayed at ASS and ASMo and have no problems sleeping and staying asleep. If you are worried about young groups I would opt. for a preferred room.

I’ve never had a noise issue at POP. The one time I stayed at AS I was on a floor that was 90% filled with some sort of college frat/sorority group that partied (hard) until at least 2:00 AM. I was out of the room before the maintenance crew came through and the aftermath of the party was pretty disgusting. Fortunately my first night was their last; apparently previous nights had not been like that. I’m guessing it was a “we have to finish all the booze before we check out tomorrow” party…

May I suggest ASMovies over ASMu? The rooms at Movies are renovated. I ditto requesting top floor - and a corner room too as the new faux hardwood floors don’t absorb a lot of sound.

Have you considered a slight price upgrade and stay at POFQ? The price difference is pretty low, and the vibe is so much nicer there. Also, there’s the boat to DS.

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The only thing showing available there is the “Royal guest suite” for $325/night. :confused:

Ah, well that’s not what I had in mind at all. :upside_down_face:

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Music except that the rooms haven’t been refurbed. I would suggest Pop or Movies simply because they have updated and more comfortable rooms.

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