AsM suites?

Do the family suites at All Star Music book fairly quickly?

We were initially going to go for AoA suites, but waited to book to see what MVT comes out with (May 2019 trip). Took some trips over the summer and discovered the bed set up at the AsM suites would be better for our family. Went to book one just so we had that while we wait on MVT, and there appear to be none available. But I checked a ton of dates and I don’t recall finding any. So I thought I’d ask Liners, what is up with those suites? Are they really that popular, or am I trying to book them wrong? I’m pretty sure I tried various numbers of people for the room. We are a family of 6, kids will be 3, 5, 9, and 11 when we go. TIA for any experiences booking suites that you can share!

No one has any experience with the suites at AsM?

No experience with the suites at All-Star, hope others will respond.

I have not seen MVT include the suites in there exclusives, AOA or All-Star suites.
We have stayed in the Cars suite and loved it!! If we could stay there again we would.

Sorry. I go to music all the time but never the suites. Maybe try calling Disney.

No suites get exclusives, but Pop does, and 2 rooms there would also work. That’s what we’re waiting to see. We initially wanted a Cars-type suite, but we discovered the beds don’t work as well for us as AsM would. Sharing beds is rough for my crew. Thanks, though.

Hoping to avoid calling, as Liners know more anyway! Well, they usually do. It’s starting to look like housing a family of 6 is just too weird, even for Liners! Whenever I ask a Q, the answers are sparse.

Yeah sorry. I never traveled with more than four. Usually 2. I know some of the larger parites rent dvc for rooms.

Maybe one of these liners can help

POP is a great choice and the new refurbished rooms are wonderful! Also by staying at POP you can hop over to AOA to eat or even take there bus when leaving the park.

Stayed at AsM one night. 2 adults in their 60s, my wife and our two kids 5 and 8.The pull out couch mattress was thin and my wife and I could feel about three sets of bars dig in. We could not sleep. It was actually painful and the floor would have been better. I was about 200 lbs with no injuries or back issues if that matters. After an hour I called and they delivered a mattress that I threw overtop. That worked fine. Of course now the space was impractical as the mattress would not fold.

It would have been a nice enough room if not for the above. It was fairly close to the lobby and buses. I would not stay there again with 4 adults. With kids your age it should not be a problem.