Asking for 'quiet' experience at Whispering Canyon - can it be done?

We’re staying at WL and I really want to try Whispering Canyon breakfast because the menu looks really good, but I don’t like their shenanigans/gimmicks. Is it possible to ask the server for a non-rowdy experience for the table? I’ll even throw an extra $20 his/her way for this.

And yes someone here will be inclined to tell me to go someplace else, but since we’re staying at the WL for a week, I do want to try it.

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Caveat, I have never been, but I just read an article the other day that indicated that there are now coasters on the tables that you can turn to one color or another to indicate to the server if you want the gimmicks or not. Hopefully someone who has been there recently can confirm.

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Actually, I think the coasters came and went. The latest article I read is that they are back to their old selves.

Gotcha. Sorry for the outdated info.

I was only there once 5 years ago and the only thing I remember them doing is the ketchup thing. I think just asking the server nicely to opt out of any craziness would be fine. They work for tips and want you to be happy.

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I have found that it is much quieter early morning.

Just booked Whispering Canyon for an April vacation. Thought it was like any other restaurant. Is this supposed to be like the 50’s Café? What type of shenanigans/gimmicks are we talking about here? As two seniors looking to relax I don’t want any weird waiters/ waiteresses type thing.

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The only one I saw was that when someone wants ketchup they tell to the whole restaurant and everyone brings ketchup to your table so you end up with all of it.

I thought it was milder than Lamberts in Missouri where they throw rolls across the restaurant.

I love Throwed Rolls :rofl:


It looks like if you ask for ketchup, they’ll bring like 20 bottle of it. And some of the waiters/waitresses can get kind of snappy, but all in ‘good fun.’ Is just that it is not my idea of fun. All I want is a good meal with my family at the hotel we are staying at without the show. Also, the place is LOUD with kids running all around–and it is acceptable.

Great - because we’ll probably do 7:30 am breakfast. Good to know.

There are a few tables far in the back in sort of a semi open area that are out of the main action.

I willing to deal with good fun to a point such as Hoop De Doo Review, but this sounds a little wilder. We’ll still give it a try and if it is too ruddy we won’t do it again. Guess it depends on the crowd that is there. We are looking at Dinner so maybe not so many kids running around.

Yes, just tell them not to only order you.

We really loved this restaurant. The food was great. When we went they were doing the coasters. I’m sure if you asked for a quiet meal they would give it to you—but you would still see other people getting the rowdy treatment.

When we went August 2018, our waitress asked if we wanted ketchup or for her to bring us a “quiet bottle”. That was without us asking for a less rowdy meal, too, which I thought was nice. The tables doing the ketchup thing mostly had kids older than mine who saw other tables do it, thought it was funny, and then had to do it for their table too. They did pony races, but it didn’t impede (stampede?) near our table so no issue there. Was good food and loud enough that I didn’t feel worried about my kids making noise.