My fast pass day is coming up and I need some advice. Last year we missed TSM and DW and I want to ride it but I also want to do AS2. Which do you think is easier to get a same day FP for? TSM is a must do and AS2 would be a ok I’m glad I got to do it. I will not do stand by for AS2 because it will be the end of June and to hot and DW can not be out in the sun for so long because of medication she takes and I melt easy.

TSM May still have same day FPP. Also, since they’ve added the track and slinky dog opened, the wait times aren’t terrible.


Tough call since TSM is your priority. However, I’d rather wait in line at TSM since indoors and interactive. Something to consider.


That is a good point TY.

I have had a lot of luck just doing AS2 standby in the morning. If I have FP for SDD I will RD TSM. TSM is a walk on at RD, after riding stand by for AS2 is less than 15 minutes.

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I don’t know that you’ll be able to find SD FP for either. AS2 is a really short ride with an all outdoor queue so that would be the more annoying ride for me to wait for. It also has more technical issues that can make the lines crazy, which is why EasyWDW recommends the FP for AS2. TSM has a really cute queue (mostly indoors) so I would be happier waiting for that one.
Do you have the option to rope drop either? You could try for both at RD and in that case I’d FP TSM for a 2nd ride there.

No rope drop is out because the other days before are 8am - 10pm days so we will need to sleep in a bit.

Sleep at WDW? Is there a FP for that?


Yes it is called the happy wife pass. It trumps all other passes.