As2 fpp

Just noticed something super odd. AS2 FPP availability for our DHS day (8/15) was pretty abundant for 3pm-10pm as of this morning. When I check now, no FPP are showing as available.

are you looking on the app or web-site?
Because of glitches on the web-site, I have frequently seen no availability for FPPs that I already have, when trying to modify, which I didn’t believe LOL - when I looked on the app I could see them

It’s 30 days out from the 15th August. Therefore an awful lot of people have been on today and booked FPs. Not surprising they have run out now.

They may even have dropped more FPs ahead of the 30 day mark.

Ahhhh yes! Totally forgot about that living inside my 60-day bubble :slight_smile:

I have been checking day-of FPP availability for HS and have found more than twice fast passes for AS2 and it was around 2 or 3pm. I never thought that would happen! I haven’t seen any FPP for SDD though…
Keep checking back because more often than not Disney drops additional fast passes and people change their plans.