As of 11 AM 6 Hour wait to get into World of Disney at DS - DAY 1 There are No lines - Day 2

Day 1

Day 2

Wow. I don’t love Disney this much.


I don’t wait for anything for 6 hours. Much less shopping. While standing in a thunderstorm


This is genuinely ridiculous.


I think the other shops in Disney Springs probably are happy about it because during those 6 hours, they will likely be spending money on other stores and eateries.

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How do you figure? They are standing in line…

I think there is a virtual line, someone on chat mentioned that they would get a text when it was their turn. But there’s also a huge physical line so I’m not sure what’s going on.


They have virtual waiting line system.

Virtual or otherwise, no way am I waiting six hours for anything.


You have to wait in line to get into The Line. :rofl:

A virtual line I could deal with. And yes, as @ryan1 pointed out, I would likely be spending money in other stores.

But I likely wouldn’t be there yet anyway. Too many people just for shopping. It isn’t like it’s Black Friday or anything. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I see! Well the line to get into the line looked long enough that I wouldn’t be joining it. I can shop online.

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There is certain irony that the creation of the virtual line was done to avoid people having to stand in line together, and yet the line to get into the virtual line was like an hour+ long.


What the heck? It’s not like it’s a ride. It’s shopping. For stuff you probably don’t need and could get elsewhere, including on line.

Unless they have the masks there now and not having to wait until Aug for a package date?


yeah I’m not waiting 6 hours to go shopping. online is good enough for me and if i don’t get it, it wasn’t meant to be

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I don’t know. I mean, it really isn’t all that different from setting up a reservation for a hair appointment or something, no? You have to wait for your allotted time.

In this case, you have all of Disney Springs to explore while you wait for your time slot. Granted, for many, Disney Springs is not where you would want to spend that much time. But for those who want to shop and have wanted to get a little taste of Disney in the process, I’m not surprised by it.

And the 6 hours is really just an approximation. Might be over-stated. Because it depends on how long the average person stays inside WoD.

This is opening day, though. I expect things to be quite different over the next couple days.

I could spend literally hours in that particular store.


I wonder if there is a shopping time limit for guests to try to get the line moving

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That’s the problem with WoD. It is SO HUGE. They could have broken it up into four separate stores for the purposes of distancing!

I don’t know about you but I don’t queue for an hour to make an appointment for the hairdresser, before going to wait somewhere else for 5 hours.


In hindsight, maybe hairdresser wasn’t the best analogy.

But Disney fanatics are insane. ROTR should have proved that already.

And just yesterday I watched a DFB Guide vlog where she mentioned people waiting in line for hours for a Disney souvenir popcorn bucket!

I did see on Twitter, pictures of people hauling away loads of newly available merchandise. Probably already up for sale on E bay.

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