AS Movies vs Fort Wilderness Cabins


We currently have reservations (October 7-14) at AS Movies for DH, myself, DS (8) and DD (2.5). DH & DS are outdoorsmen who love fishing/hunting and are also recently enjoying riding their bikes together. We are considering switching to Cabins at Fort Wilderness. Even though we're on the dining plan, I do like the idea of having a kitchen for snacks and occasional breakfasts. I'm also thinking perhaps the cabin will give the kids a bit more space to move around. DH likes the idea of being able to rent a bike or fish in the canals. I'm looking for some feedback, though. We will have our car, but will likely want to at least occasionally use Disney transportation. Is the internal transportation at FW crazy? Would the cabins be worth the increase in cost?


I'm personally not a fan of the value resorts so I would say the cabin would be worth the extra money... especially if there will more than two of you. We've stayed in moderate and value and I don't think we'll be staying in value again unless we just REALLY can't budget it any other way but that would be last ditch for us.


I stayed at AS once and hated it - but it was more about the people than the resort. POP, however, I have enjoyed a lot, and unless I'm doing a "special" trip with DW (and rent DVC points), it's my go-to resort. The only Mod that I've stayed at was CBR; I didn't notice the rooms were that much nicer than POP and 10 min walk (each way) just to get a soda or a snack is not my idea of relaxing - especially from June through September. I'm about as far removed from "outdoorsy" or "rustic" as you can get, so there is really nothing about Ft Wilderness that interests me. The relatively remote location and internal bus system only add to my disinterest in the resort.