As a first timer should I skip RoL?


Current plan is assuming I'll be booking FFP before RoL is announced, so I'm trying to keep things flexible. However it would be so much easier if we skip it. Has anyone seen any sneak previews? Is it a must do for a first timer?


No ones knows yet as no real details have officially been released. I will be adding it if it opens before my trip but we have 8 days to work it in.


Nobody knows. But if you find out, let us know :wink:


I mean as a first timer we can't see everything, so should I just cut this from our to do list now? Or might it be that amazing. Seeing Fantasmic is more important right?


I think I heard a pod cast might have been Len & Jim, saying there was an unofficial mid sep opening that kept moving backwards. Also I've read that AK has been practising a lot, just wondered if anyone had seen this, or are they only doing it after the park closes and everyone has left?


No one really knows for sure, but personally, I think it will be one of the most spectacular night time shows that WDW has ever seen. Here's a press preview that was released back when April 22nd was supposed to be the opening date.

Caveat: I have no kids. F!, with it's familiar characters, may appeal to kids more than what I think RoL will be. But who knows?


I'm doing both Fantasmic and ROL - if it opens, and assuming it doesn't cut into my Tiffin's ADR. Different parks, different days. Why not :slight_smile:


Thank you, I do really want to see it, as it looks great. I will keep it in the plan.