Artist Point Reservations

3 times now I have gotten a hit on the reservation finder for openings at Artist Point. I have tried to reserve the spot within minutes and each time its gone. (FYI: I’m going at the end of August) Do I have a decent chance of getting this by then? If not, we are staying at Wilderness Lodge, anyway I can use that to my advantage when I get there if I still don’t have one?

I snagged an AP reservation the night before we had dinner there (and that was just on the Disney website). I also found a dinner ADR a few weeks before our last trip through the reservation finder. So I think you have a good chance of getting one.

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I was staying at WL and did not have a reservation. I walked up to host right before opening at 4pm and he sat us. No guarantee but always worth a shot.


Was that before or after the new character dining though?

This seems like it’s a very popular option now.

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Sometimes it takes many tries with the reservation finder- don’t give up!


The same thing happened to me when I was trying to get this reservation. I just kept resetting the reservation finder and I got it after a week or so. I actually got it once and was able to set it up, then I cancelled because our plans changed. Almost immediately I regretted it and set the Reservation finder back up and got another reservation within about 2 weeks or so. We will be at WDW the last week of March and I was able to book on Feb 16th.


Thank you all for the hope.

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We will be there then too and I’ve been trying to modify my ADR to an earlier time (current is at 8:00) since the day the reservations opened for that character meal and no luck yet. I’ve had a reservation finder set the whole time. I got one notification but it was for 7:55 so not so helpful but at least I know its working. FIngers crossed. I’ve gotten nearly every other reservation I’ve needed via reservation finder though, so chances are good for op.

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That’s weird because I was able to get the first one at 6:55pm then I went back and after I got the other one for 6:05. I was even able to add an additional person to our reservation. Set up both of your reservation finder options about an hour apart from one another.

It was after the change.

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