Artist point on party night

I think today is the first MNSSHP. Is there anyone with artist point reservations for tonight that could let us/me know if all the characters were meeting at the dinner? I heard last year during the Christmas parties only half the characters were at the dinner. We have reservations in September on a party night. TIA

I asked two people that went to dinner last night. All characters were there.


that seems odd they would not have characters at AP because of a party. I imagine there would be some unhappy people who paid for character dining and half the characters weren’t there. I mean they have plenty Mickeys. why not extra grumpys?

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@bethro23 I’m with you. I’m sure they have multiple Snow Whites, Grumpys, etc. It’s not like they are the “real” people and there is only one. Tink, Rapunzel, etc. are in the Festival of Fantasy parade while simultaneously meeting people in the parks.

AP had just reopened around that time last year. There were some hiccups and some nights they were not fully staffed. I think it was just glitches being worked out.

The party should have no affect on a dinner at a resort hotel.


and if they need an extra grumpy, I’m your man

What do you MEAN they’re not the real people?! :open_mouth: