Artist Point dinner

How hard is it to get ADRs here? I had a few minutes to play with MDE for 180 days from now and there is nothing. I started throwing in dates of any kind and couldn’t find slots. Is this the norm? Should I scrub it right now and take away my headache? Thoughts?

It’s pretty hard. But reservation finder seems to pick it up regularly. It seems people change their mind about it quite often!


Is reservation finder something you pay for? I was only planning on doing one ADR.

No you can use it as long as you’re registered.

I couldn’t get it for 180+7 days for late Sept! I’m waiting on the res finder to find it. I’m wondering if it will be busier than the crowd predictions indicate. I also couldn’t find a dinner ADR at Ohana until day 5 of my trip…

I wonder if it’s one of those you can find on the day-of, since people might change their mind about schlepping out to WL for dinner?


Possibly. I think @DeepInTheHeartofTexas got it the day before which is always a good time to check.


It is free dining? I always think that creates extra challenges.


I got it no problem at 180 +3 for our July trip. It wasn’t even the first ADR I booked. And I am rethinking it :slight_smile: It does seem like one people change their minds about a lot in both directions. I have a reservation finder set for 'Ohana and if I get that I will drop Artist Point.

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Oh, maybe. I didn’t even think about how that would impact ADRs.

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My last free dining booking I could not find ‘Ohana when my window opened.


I would for sure plan on setting up res finder if it’s unavailable at 180 days. I learned a lot about last minute ADRs last fall. We scheduled a last minute trip for 6 people four days before we left and ended up finding ADRs to B&C, BOG dinner, PPO Akershus all before our trip.

I would expect to see lots of dining plans change as Disney adds different events to the calendar (DAH, EMM, etc), changes park hours as well as when people secure FPs at 60 days out. 180 days out is just so far out and I bet a lot of people snag it just in case they are interested in it knowing it’s easier to cancel it last minute than try to snag a slot to go last minute.


I am still ahead of time for when I can book. I wonder if there will be free dining offered in November?

The free dining offer has already been out for this year, it was for summer and Sept too I think.


If you don’t get is keep checking, especially after the 60 and 30 day mark. I’ve got it twice in a week because we don’t know which day we will be able to snag Frozen at Epcot yet. Soon as that’s confirmed I cancel the unneeded one.

I know it’s a possibility. I happened to check dinner ADRs yesterday for the fun of it (okay I was actually in Disney and I was just curious) and there was a dinner ADR for AP for yesterday.

And RF has come through twice for me for AP.


We used reservation finder and were able to score a reservation for exactly when we wanted it in January for our March trip. I noticed that the week around our FP day there were a bunch of reservations that opened up - I’m assuming people drop things when they firm up their plans with the FP’s. Also, around 35 days out I noticed a lot of reservations I had been watching for become available, I assume because final payment is due and if people are cancelling, it’s at the 30 day mark.