Art of animation to animal kingdom lodge

We have made a reservation to go to Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner on one night of our stay and were thinking of taking the Disney transportation to the restaurant. Does anyone know how long that would take? if we decide to take an Uber there and back, how much does that run for approximately ($)?

There are no direct buses that go from resort to resort. You would have to go from resort to park change buses from park to resort or you could go to DS. I would give minimum of one hour more like 80 min just to be safe.

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I just checked on the uber app and it would cost $8.25 for a regular uberX one way or $13 for uberXL if you have more than 4 people. This can vary with demand at different times of day.

For sure take Uber or Lyft. I’d download both apps and book whichever one is cheaper/faster. The buses from hotel to hotel are a huge hassle.

If you can plan it so that you go from one of the parks to the dinner, then you can take the bus and allow about 45-60 minutes travel time to get there. Then take Uber/Lyft on the way back to AoA.