Art of Animation room request/family suite

So there are 5 of us headed to AoA family suite for a Christmas holiday. The youngest of us is 16 (yes we know it is kind of a tight squeeze but we make it work). When we booked there were so few rooms left that we could not pick a particular theme which is a point of contention for about 2 out of our 5 because they absolutely HATE Cars. Now, I know that if that is what we end up with that they will get over it, but I would still like to at least try for something different. So when I go to make a room request, whether it be through online check in or faxing, will I be able to request LK/Nemo? and if so, does any one know about the odds of getting one? We’ve never had this problem before but in June we last minute decided to make our trip fit into free dining…

Also, sorry for writing ya’ll a novel :smile:

You’ll be able to see your online check in options 60 days before check in. Not sure of the specific options available for AoA. But you can also fax in your request 3-5 days before you check in to try and get the room you want. Of course none of it can be guaranteed without booking the specific category. Good luck!