Art of Animation resort?

This is our 1st time staying on site @ a resort. We normally do a nice vacation home. We’re thinking for the price & space this 1 is our best bet. We have 3 kids w/ us 11, 9, & 5. Thoughts/reviews? Thanks!

My family loved it! We will be staying there again next year. Theming is amazing, suites are spacious and have TWO bathrooms. The pool is huge! You picked a great resort.

You can’t go wrong there! It is so much fun. We are junkies for the parks, but when we stayed there, we pretty much just hung out in the pools, which are amazing. If you’re used to a vacation house, this will still be small, however. It’s like a tiny 1-BR apartment. My kids love this resort and PORR better than all others, although POP is way up there, too.

Thanks! We made a final decision…we’re doing 3 days @ Universal in the Despicable Me suite & 5 day @ WDW in AoA Cars suite!!! I think we’ll be VERY happy & have a great trip :smiley: