Art of Animation Lion King suites with elderly family members

We were hoping to get a room on the fourth floor because it would be quieter. But now my 81 year old mother is going.She will have a scooter but would it still be better to get a room on the first floor for her?

I don’t have any scooter experience, but we stayed on the 4th floor of a Nemo building, and my experience was that the elevators were large and usually quick. Definitely liked the quiet of the 4th floor! If you do keep the upper floor, maybe you would want to be fairly near the elevator? Hope that helps!

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The buildings all have elevators so the scooter shouldn’t be an issue in that regard.

We found the Lion King area to be fairly quiet overall, but you never know who your immediate neighbors may be!

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The Lion King area is also more quiet than Nemo and Cars because it does not have its own pool area. For us it would be a negative thing, but if you don’t mind walking a bit to the pool or don’t need pool time you’ll be fine.

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Thanks for the info. We are locked in to Lion King because this trip is my daughter’s graduation present and she chose the resort