Art of animation kitchen

I’m staying at art of animation in oct 2016 and wanted to know if utensils and plates/bowls were provided in the room? if so, are they replaced each day if we use them? we were thinking of eating breakfast in the room on park days to get out on time. We would probably have frozen waffles/pancakes/cereral, etc. and wasn’t sure if we would need to pack stuff like plates/bowls/cups/utensils for the room.

This thread includes the supplies

The plates and bowls are paper. The utensils are plastic.
If you run out, you can ask for more at the Landscapes of Flavor.
Cups are glass, and mugs are ceramic.

I believe there is daily Mousekeeping…so they’ll refresh for you.

There is!

I was so shocked and amazed when we returned from touring for the day to find our kitchenette had been cleaned (dishes and all - reusable tumblers, etc) and restocked. LOVED it!


I’d toss a few plastic forks and a roll of paper towel into luggage if possible.
Last year our room was stocked on arrival with:
6 paper bowls
6 plastic knives, 6 plastic forks, 6 plastic spoons (all individually wrapped)
A few napkins
I thought we had paper cups also, so either I’ve forgotten or things have changed if they have plastic/ceramic now.
Restocking was somewhat erratic, but easy to ask if something was missing.

I did not know that! Very helpful for our trip in March :slight_smile: