Arriving tonight need help with which parks, which days and tickets

Please help…we are arriving tonight for 6.5 days; staying at @ Grand California have had no time to plan or buy tickets. Our daughters are 12 13 & 14. they would like to experience Disney, adventure land, Harry Potty, &universal. any advice on where which days & The best way to purchase tickets for each would be greatly appreciated😃 Thank you!

I cannot help but I am hoping that someone will see this in their “latest” post. Do you have a TP DL subscription to post on chat too?

DOn’t really know where to start on this…

At this point in time, purchasing tickets at the park is probably your only option.

I don’t know what “adventure land” is other than the “land” that is in Disneyland. Harry Potter is a “land” in Universal.

You’ll want to plan at least three days for Disneyland Resort. One full day in each park, and a third to go between the two to catch things you missed on the first two days. Four days would be better if you have never been before. It’s been so long since I’ve been to Universal in CA I can’t be of much help there; it might be a “one day” park, but if you have 6, and spend 4 at DLR, then 2 at Universal might be good.

You’ll have to let us know how things went. Most people in this forum plan months in advance have all of this worked out well before they arrive…

Universal is pretty small. One full day, including all the rides, Harry Potter and the shows. It will work very well if you show up early in the morning (when the park opens). Recently, my friends (who were staying at my house) got there when the park opened. They were able to do most of the rides before lunch. And that was a Saturday before July 4th.

For the parks: If you are there tonight, go to the main entry right now and go get tickets. They will not be validated until you actually cross the turnstills and will be good for 13 days. If you have three or four days, I would say a one-park a day ticket is perfect. Recently, I did two days, one per park with my friends and that allow us to do everything and more. (I am an annual passholder and go ALL THE TIME).

Universal is a long drive from Disneyland (at least one hour if traffic is great, more like 2 hours). If you still have time, I would go to Universal on Sunday morning as traffic is the easiest on Sunday morning. If not, I would leave Disneyland no later than 6 am (I would go for 5:30, personnally) to get to Universal around 7am, way before traffic. If you are still in Disneyland at 8am, I would not bother getting on the freeway.