Arriving late to morning EMH ... possible?

For our AK and HS days, we weren’t planning on using the morning EMHs, but the optimizer says we need just a little more time to do everything we want to do. We’ll probably take advantage of some of the morning EMH time, but we aren’t dying to be there the second that EMH begins.

Say we are done with security 30 minutes before the park opens to everyone else. I suspect crowds will have begun forming for those waiting for the regular opening time. Is there a way to bypass the off-property crowds? Is there a separate entrance for EMH participants? Or is it that if I get to the parks too close to the regular opening time, I’m stuck and can’t take advantage of the EMH?


I’ve only been to EMH for MK and AK, but they both have separate entrances. Super easy - there are plenty of CMs to direct you.


I’m with you! I have no interest in RDing any park, but wanted to maybe arrive halfway thru EEMH in October. So good to know there is a separate entrance.

Can you please post where these entrances are for each park? I’m toying with this for MK & AK in Oct.

“Entrances” was probably the wrong word. You’re going to buzz in as you always do and make your way towards the park as you always do. They will have roped off sections and tons of CMs yelling “this way for extra magic hours” (where you’ll have to buzz again). You can’t miss it. MK’s EMH “entrance” was by Tomorrowland, but I don’t know if that’s official every time or if it’s the only one. AK’s EMH entrance was right next to the main entrance - it had a big sign that said Extra Magic Hours. It’s super easy.