Arriving early to PPO BOG

I currently have an 8:50am reservation at BOG. I wanted to hear about recent success of arriving at 8:00am and being seated at that time. Thanks!

Make sure you have a reservation finder plugged in to move this up if possible. I was able to move my 8:30 or 8:40 reservations up to like 8:10 by using the reservation finder and then you don’t have to worry about them letting you in.


Thanks! I have it looking, gives me hope you were able to move yours up!

Yes, I moved mine to 8! It works!

A couple of years ago, I was able to move up an Akerhus reservation like 2 days before we were scheduled to go, and the alerts came through while I was in Magic Kingdom already on my trip. Just have to be quick when the alert does come through if it does.

There’s no need to worry. If the park opens at 9, whenever your reservation is, so long as it’s before 9, it is considered PPO and you will be seated first come first serve.


There were many reports on chat a few months ago that they were clamping down and you could only be seated 20 minutes before your ADR. Not sure if that’s still true. Hopefully someone else can weigh in. That’s why I moved my 8:30 to 8.

Thanks for the info!! Fingers crossed I find an earlier time.

This and set up multiple finders with different #'s of people (split your party). Last year I moved up our reservation to one at like 8:10 for 3 and one at 8:20 for 1. We all entered together.

I also recommend the monthly ADR drop threads on Disboards. I’ve had good luck grabbing ADRs there too.

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Thank you!! Good tip on the different size party!

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