Arriving at Portofino by boat?

So because it’ll remind DW of Venice, I have to ask if there’s some way of arriving at Portofino by boat?
Maybe going from MCO to City Walk by bus or whatever shuttle and then taking the boat to the Portofino?
Or would that be a massive PITA with all 4 of us toting all of our luggage?

I don’t think you can take your luggage on the boat. I am unsure of what security would do on entrance to City Walk? There is bag screening……


Yeah, PITA with theme park security. Bonus points for creativity though.

I love the reveal of the resort from boat though, so maybe a middle ground would be to drop off your luggage then take the bus to CityWalk to do the parks then take the boat back so you’ll have that reveal.


Thanks! That might work since I was thinking of hitting City Walk for supper and Voodoo Donut (i.e., probable breakfast for the next day).
Or possibly Chef Mickey’s for supper and then Voodoo… :thinking:

Guess whether I can keep my crew from exploring/crashing in the room depends on what time we get in and what shape we’re in.