Arriving at MK near parade time

What’s it like arriving near parade time at MK? Is a disaster? If we want to arrive early enough to get in before everything is blocked off, what time would that be? It’s the FoF at 2pm.

IMHO - It’s fine as long as it isn’t a holiday or you don’t have a stroller / large group. Getting up and down Main Street can be a hassle as the sidewalks fill up.

You would need to get in and probably make your way down Main St via the Emporium.

You can then get into Adventureland without a problem. But to get anywhere else, you would need to cross the parade route at one of the crossing points.

For a 2pm parade, I would want to arrive before 2pm so you can get across Town Square at least. If you want to get across the parade route, then get there 15 minutes earlier.

You can always go through Adventureland and then cross after the parade passes Frontierland, but a lot of people will be doing the same from the parade route as it passes them.

@darkmite2 Well, it’s Dec 15, so not a holiday, but getting pretty busy.

I want to get to Splash & BTM first so I guess I’d better try to get there a little earlier.

But you can go through the emporium beginning at town square and exiting through casey’s at the hub. Then stay to the left and you’ll land in adventureland quite easily.

No, you’ll be fine. See above. You’re going to land at adventureland following the above instructions and that’s a very good place to start to get to your desired locations

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Perfect. I won’t have to cross the parade route to get from Adventureland to the mountains?

Ooh, duh. I forgot that part.

If you arrive when the parade is scheduled to start, and make your way that way. You should arrive in Adventureland at the Frontierland intersection right about when it ends. And then you should be able to get to the mountains okay.

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OK. I’m figuring I’ll get there 2-ish so that should work out OK. As long as I don’t get distracted by all the shops I’m cutting through…

Ideally, you should be on the FrL side of the parade route before it starts (they have a number of designated crossings, so until the parade actually starts, it shouldn’t be a problem). Because of the parade, the lines for both mountains should be shorter. As soon as the parade passes through FrL, there will be a large bolus of people going straight to the mountains in order to take advantage of the whole rest of the parade route holding a lot of people.

Good point. I wasn’t thinking of that piece. Only the travel piece.

Some Liner I am…

Not to worry, I have FP. Because I have 2 kids and there’s no way I can accurately arrive anywhere with only a 15 minute window.

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Let us know how it works out this is our plan too!