Arriving at Disney

We switched from Universal (Hard Rock) to Disney (Pop) yesterday afternoon. Arrived about 1:30 and our room was ready! My room request fax asked for 5208 but in the note section I stated that our main priority was to be in the 60s section. We got 5441 which is great. I love the renovated rooms. There are so many shelves in the bathroom to store things and the rainforest shower is awesome. The glass doors are good for us but I can see how they could be a pain when trying to give little ones a bath.

Our plan to hit the pool was foiled by thunder and lightning in the area. It never rained but it looked ominous and the pool was closed. We checked out the food court and got our refillable mugs before heading out to dinner around 5:30.

We were eating at Whispering Canyon Cafe so we took a bus to MK and the boat to WL. Really enjoyed the restaurant. We all had the skillet and it was delicious. The meats were all good and the veggies were amazing. We were sitting in a quiet corner but could hear some of the antics. I’m not sure how we missed it but at one point we looked over and saw the table beside us was filled with ketchup bottles!

The boat back to MK was long and crowded. We were lucky to walk right onto a bus to Pop though we had to stand. Back at the resort by 9:30, got ready for bed and set the alarm for 5 am to hit EMH at MK! We will see how that goes!


I’m curious about Whispering Canyon for our arrival day dinner- still trying to decide if I should keep the reservation or go to Geyser Point instead. Was that your first time there? Did you request a quiet part of the restaurant? I’m curious how much the fun has really been toned down.


It was our first time at Whispering Canyon Cafe. We didn’t ask for a quiet table, just ended up with one by the luck of the draw. We were literally in the corner of the restaurant, next to the lobby by the door out to the pool area. It was great for us because my daughters embarrass easily and would have hated to be dragged into shenanigans. Our section of the restaurant was pretty quiet though they did do the ketchup thing with the table next to us. But we could hear shouts from the other side and they were leading kids in a parade when I headed to the bathroom.

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I’ve nevee been to WCC, but I’m staying at WL for the first time on my next trip and I am planning on it for arrival day.

We thought WL looked awesome. We spent about twenty minutes just looking around the lobby. WCC had really good food. The skillet was huge. We couldn’t come close to finishing everything. And all of the desserts were fantastic.

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Ive eaten at AP and Territories, but not WCC. I drive to WDW, and after 8 hours in the car, relaxing around the resort is about all I want to do on arrival day, so it will work well for me.