Arriving at Airport at 1:20PM... How long to get into Magic Kingdom; Can I go straight there?

How long to get Magic Kingdom from Orlando airport? We land at 1:20PM.

With an early dinner reservation at 6:45PM for Chef Mickey at The Contemporary (we’re staying at the Port Orleans Riverside), I was hoping to go straight to the park.

Question #1: Can I go straight to the park and have the Magical Express take my luggage to the hotel?

Question #2: If so, how long do you think from landing at Orlando’s airport (at 1:20PM) to Magic Kingdom?

We have some pretty aggressive FastPass+ (3PM Pooh, 4PM Peter Pan, 5:15PM 7Dwarves)and I’m wondering if we can actually use them… before having to leave, I’m guessing at 6:15PM, to make it to The Contemporary for 6:45PM.

(and now I’m wondering what to do with the iPads that we’re having for sanity-keeping devices on the plane)

Presuming you’re planning on riding DME, there is no option to go straight to the MK. You would ride the Magical Express to your resort & then hop a bus to the Magic Kingdom. At the hotel I’d check your carry on bags with luggage claim at the resort so that way your iPads (and anything else not worth toting into the parks) are safely waiting for you back at the hotel once you return.

I think your only option to go straight to MK would be taxi, uber or rental car, but I don’t think Magical Express would take your bags if they didn’t take you (although I might be wrong on that front).

Given your Fastpass+ window on Pooh runs until 4 (and often you can get away with 4:15 or so), I don’t think you’ll have much trouble making that presuming flights are on time etc. I’d expect you’ll be around 2 hours from Airport to MK in all likelihood with 30 minutes either way depending on how you manage to time the buses. With bad luck you’ll be rushing to Pooh, but should still make it to use that first FP.

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You should be WALKING OUT THE TURNSTILES (vs beginning to leave the park from a deep-in-the-park location such as BTMRR) at around 6:15-6:25. Figure about 15-20 minutes transit to Contemporary whether on foot or by monorail. Walking is more reliable and avoids monorail outage issues.


I don’t know the answer to this but …
If you bought your park tickets and your POR stay as part of a package, will you be able to use them to access the park before checking in?


If you are driving yourself in a rental car:

20 minutes to get off the plane
30 minutes to get your luggage, go to the bathroom, drinks of water
45 minutes to get your rental car
30 to 45 minutes to get to the resort
15 to find Magic Kingdom and park the car

If you are planning to be taken by a Magic Express shuttle…

Then cut out the times I put in for getting the rental and parking the car at MK.

If you are taking the monorail from the Contemporary it will take you

20 minutes to load on to the Monorail and get to the front of MK.
5 minutes to get off and walk to security
15 to 30 minutes to get through security and the front gate.

The time of day you are going you shouldn’t take too long to get through security but you will wait 45 minutes or more to get on any of the popular rides going in the afternoon, and that’s on any day, crowded or not. Luckily, you have good fast passes and scheduled well to make your dinner deadline.

I live 45 minutes from Disney but I have also lived out of state and been an out of state visitor and have become pretty good at figuring out the times to get from point a to point b, and we go all of the time. It always takes us 1 1/2 hours to get on our first ride. We live the same distance from our house as the airport is from Disney, and I would guess you would not get on your first ride until 3:00. I think your Fast Passes are scheduled perfectly to pull this off.

That being said, If it were me, I’d make dinner reservations in the park and stay there from 3:00 until closing because it is such a “to do” to get from anywhere into Magic Kingdom and wastes a lot of time.

This all depends, also on your energy levels. If you are a young couple with no kids, absolutely not a problem to pull off your plans. If you are middle aged like me with kids, I wouldn’t attempt it. I’d keep the stress out of the day, and put all of my energy into making good plans for the rest of the visit, but it all depends on your energy levels and the mobility and energy of those going with you.

I agree. We’ve had issues with the monorail going between Contemporary and MK before. One time I took us 30 minutes to get on the Monorail, but that was on Christmas day when it was really busy. So, it depends on the day. Spring Break would be a nightmare, I would imagine.

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If you decide to keep your Chef Mickey ADR, it is a 10 minute walk from the tapstile at MK to the lobby of the Contemporary. It’s the easiest commute in all of Disney.

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I’ve never really been clear on this. Pretty sure you can use them to get in, not sure about magic band charging until/unless you’ve checked in at resort.

I always pad that to 20 minutes to ensure a leisurely, pressure-free experience :slight_smile: