Arrive early for ADR?

So, we have an ADR for Kona at 8:05 on a MNSSHP night. We’re not going to the party, but will spend the day at MK.

I assume we’ll be out of MK and over to the Poly by 7:30 or so. (true?) If we arrive that early for our reservation, what’s the likelihood that we’d get seated early? We’re a party of 6. I’m worried that the littles will have a hard time with such a late reservation. By then, they may just be wanting to go to bed. They’re 8 and almost-4. We’ll make sure they’re not starving, but tired? Won’t we all be? :slight_smile:
I know that the difference between 7:30 and 8 isn’t that huge, but still… just uber-planning.


Guessing you have a shot at an earlier table. All depends on availability really. Why not go for an earlier ADR and leave the MK early?

I also have a 5:20 ADR, which we’ll use if we don’t take a mid-day break. It really depends on whether we’ll need naps or not. Other than that, I’m not finding anything earlier (but not too early). I will keep looking, of course… but as a backup… maybe I’m just overthinking this.

5:20 sounds good. That’s a pretty full day anyway and the kiddos will get their earlier meal. You could always just cancel the Kona ADR’s and hit counter service in the park or on the monorail loop whenever you feel the urge: gives you more flexibility. Capt Cook is decent; Kona is one of our favs but nothing special really outside the Tonga Toast in the morning.

If we do the late reservation, we’ll take about a 3 hour break in the middle of the day. It sure was easier when I KNEW that my daughter would nap! Now that it’s only happening on some days, life is harder. :smile: With a full no-nap day, the day before, I’m betting that we’ll want that mid-day nap time. That’ll definitely mean a later dinner. Otherwise we’ll only get like 4 hours in the park. I suppose it also depends on weather, a bit. If it’s pushing 90, the break is even more appealing. If it’s cool and comfortable, we’ll be OK to keep moving. So many variables to think of.

My kids are weird - they LOVE sushi, so we’re looking forward to that, at Kona.

They also serve sushi at Kona Island next door, with no ADR required. It also offers nearly the same dinner menu as the Kona Cafe. The only drawback is the limited seating at stools around the “island”, and I don’t have experience with how difficult it is to get seats at the dinner hour. Maybe someone else can chime in? It’s open between 5-8pm.