Arrival times for shows with FPP?

We’re fine-tuning our Touring Plans…
We have a couple of Fast Passes+ for shows: Turtle Talk with Crush, Festival of the Lion King, Voyage of the Little Mermaid
We are wondering how early you need to arrive for these shows when you have a Fast Pass?

I think it depends on where you want to sit. I think Lion King was 30 minutes. When I did it they let us in first, but the first people in were there 30 minutes before the show. Tuttle Crush I think it was 20 minutes. If you want to sit front row, get there when the window opens. If you can sit a few rows back, give yourself five minutes.

Really? Even with a Fast Pass? I was hoping that, with a FP, we wouldn’t have to get there so early…
Our TP has us arriving 15 min. early for Lion King, 20 min. early for Voyage of LM and only 5 min. early for Turtle Talk. I thought with the FPs, we would be ok. Maybe we’ll have to revise our TPs…?

You will get in. You will get a good seat, just not front row. Do you want front row?

No, front row isn’t necessary. Just as long as it’s not waaaay in the back. We have a 10 year old & we’d like her to be able to see…

We’re more of a 5-10 minute type of family for “minor” shows (turtle talk, little mermaid). Except for Lion King, 15-20 probably better, so you’re there before they close the FPP line and start letting standby in. But we’re not picky about where we sit, and yet DS3 and DS5 still manage to see (occasionally from a lap). We usually go on 4-5 crowd level days, would have to go a little earlier for higher crowds, I guess.

Also, when you make your FPP, it will say exactly what your arrival window is. We usually aim for the last 5 min of the window and have always been happy.