Arrival Time for Rope Dropping headliners under 15-20min wait

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Looking for some help as I couldnt find it. I’m trying to find a easy reference guide for how much earlier than official park open my family would need to arrive at the park to ensure a sub 15-20 mins wait on the first main attraction. - if this exists somehwere please let me know and save yourself from reading on :wink:.

I have been to WDW before a number of times but not much in recent years, only once since FPP+ 4 years ago, it seems a lot has changed and the finer details are more important than ever - perhaps I’m overthinking this. While I would be happy to get to a park whenever necessary, but most of my party would want to minimise that as much as possible.

I’ve given the parks and rides below that I think may be useful to know if a RD strategy is needed, and would be grateful if someone with more experience could fill in the blanks or add attractions not listed for an average day, how much earlier than official park open should we arrive - feels like there should already be a tool or spreadsheet to help with this, but I assume its difficult to keep it up to date with changes in popularity ;), happy to take People’s responses and populate a s/s and re-post if anyone would find it helpful, but right now I have no idea where to start, any help great appreciated.

CL - 7 day - seems to be an average starting point
Not EMH morning
Don’t have FPP+
Average Touringplanner walking speed
Bonus points for a tip of best place to stand while waiting for rope to drop
First attraction less than 15 min wait
Attractions not listed can arrive exactly at park open would result in sub 15 min wait

Attraction. Arrival (mins before park open)
Magic Kingdom
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Peter Pan

MMRR (best guesses)
ROTR (not relevant until BG finishes)


EPCOT - Main entrance
Test Track
Ratatouille - Summer 2020

EPCOT - international gateway
Test Track
Ratatouille - Summer 2020

From what I experienced/saw:


7DMT: 30 mins (or have BOG breakfast PPO)
Peter Pan: 15 mins (or have BOG breakfast PPO)
Space: 15 mins
BRMRR: 15 mins (for us, it was faster from Adventureland entrance)
Splash: 5 mins (usually walk-on in the first 15-30 mins)


MFSM & SDD: Never done it at RD, but I would plan at least 90 mins (according to Josh from
MMRR: Probably the same as MFSM & SDD. I assume it will calm down for those 3 when BG for RotR will stop and there will not be 10k+ people in front of the gates at 7:00.
RNRC / ToT / TSM: 30 mins
ST / AS2: 10 mins (as of right now, the only 2 rides you can hope doing with a 30 mins or less wait as a second attraction after RD.


FOP: 60 mins
Navi: 10 mins (Walk-on until people start getting off FOP)
EE / KS: 15 mins (FOP is still getting almost 80% of RD crowd.
Dinosaur: May not be open at park opening, it often opens 30 to 60 mins after Park opening.


From ME:
Test Track: 30 mins
Soarin’: 20 mins
FEA: 20 mins
Ratatouille: I won’t even plan to do so. It is so close to IG.

From IG:
Anything except Ratatouille: 15 mins (but I’m don’t think you’ll end up in a great position from Test Track even if you’re the first in line.
Ratatouille: 45 mins?

I would maybe add « Meet Mickey in Town Square » at MK, at the entrance of the Park, where I would plan 15 mins ahead.

I rope drop headliners at the front of the pack. For AK I do 75 minutes. For EP 30-45. For MK I do a PPO at BOG. For DHS I did 90 for SDD. Planning to do 2 hrs with the SWGE madness and the new rides all being open - that is assuming and 8AM opening. If it gets changed to 7AM, I will plan for 90.

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