Arrival time at MK & TTC times

Hi everyone! I know not to trust what Disney lists on their site with regards to monorail start times…but I just wanted to verify from those with first-hand experience!

We have an 8am Conderella’s Royal Table ADR this Monday (3/12) that, at one time, was a PPO ADR. Sadly, hours changed as they do, and now MK opens at 8am this day. We are staying at Shades of Green and their busses do not start running to MK until 7:30. If we Uber to the TTS and arrive at 7am-ish…will the monorail be running to the MK at this time? I am assuming this is correct since Disney opens Main Street and the hub an hour before RD…so that would be 7am this day. I am thinking this logically means the monorail would be running this early…how else would anyone that is not staying on-site get to the park early?! But, and here is the concern for me, Disney’s site says it starts running the monorail 30min before the park opens…which wouldn’t be until 8:30am.

For an 8 am opening, they don’t open an hour earlier. They might open the gates at around 7:45, but no earlier than that.

There should be a separate line for you to enter with an 8 am reservation.

But yes, at the TTC, either the monorail or the ferry will be running to get you across to MK in time. But you could also Uber to the Contemporary, and just walk. There will be a separate security check on the walkway, and it takes 10 minutes.

We are traveling with grandparents who will be renting EVCs once in the park, so the Contemp option, while better, won’t work for us I think.

But thank you for the reassurance the monorail WILL be running that early!

I thought I read on the boards that the park gates opened an hour before RD time so people could walk Main Street, shop, etc and then watch the opening castle show. Or, since this is an earlier opening day at 8am (though not an EMH day), does that not apply? Either way, it sounds like we will be good with our plan!

I don’t know how many days your spending at WDW but it costs $75 to rent a ECV at WDW, you do get $25 back when you return them each day. If your staying more then three day you could rent them from for $25 a day and have them to use out side the parks as well. If your staying at SoG you can walk to the TTS and GP’s could use the ECV. This way you save money on Uber. Also if your rent for 3 days or more use this code to save 10% FB10-17.

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For a 9 am opening, the gates open an hour earlier. But for earlier opening times, they don’t do it.