Arrival/magical express question

we’ve decided to arrive the night before our reservations/package begins due to flight restrictions. we will be staying at an off-site hotel that night, then moving to the BC. Is there any way to go straight to the park without officially checking into our resort, AND our baggage making it there? I know I’m asking a lot, but I also know I’m not the first to look into it.

Your baggage won’t be delivered on Magical Express unless you are checked in on ME to ride it. So if you are staying at an offsite hotel, you’ll have to pick up your baggage from the claim area at the airport and bring it with you to the hotel. In turn, you’ll have your baggage with you when you move to BC.

You could drive directly to the parks and leave your baggage in your car. But if you are not renting a car and taking a cab or some other shuttle transfer, I would suggest you check into BC first and put check your baggage with Bell Services (if your room isn’t ready) and then heading to the parks.