Arrival day transportation tips

I know this is still 5+ months out but I’d like to have all this coordinated.

We are flying into MCO on Saturday, Mar 14 and staying at a hotel right outside of the Disney property. Roughly 15 minutes from the Boardwalk. Our resort reservations begin the next day (Mar 15).

We purchased Early Morning Magic Fantasyland (15th). The timing is pretty bad but we really wanted to do something like this since it’s going to be a busy spring break week.

My questions are this: We will need to get transportation from our hotel to the Boardwalk Villas to drop off our luggage and then take us to the Magic Kingdom (I’ll assume Contemporary and walk from there) by 7:30AM to check in for early morning magic.

How quickly can Bell Services take our bags?
Do I need to try to coordinate with resort ahead of time?
Any transportation recommendations that will take us to both places (wait at Boardwalk).
Is this even feasible or am I being far too ambitious?

I assumed we would need to get picked up around 6:15AM to do all this.


We did something similar, though not as early.

I think I’d get a Lyft to BWI. Then get another from BWI to Contemporary- maybe the first driver, but if he can’t wait then get another. They are easy to get. The alternative would be a cab, they charge by the minute so they don’t mind waiting. Or go in style in a Minnie Van from the BWI to MK, it’s your first day, after all, and a great photo op! It can take you right to the front gate at MK. They can be a little harder to get than a regular Lyft but will save you time so it all works out.

We took our bags to the desk inside, it’s just inside the door in the. main lobby, straight ahead and to the right as you enter. The outside desk will be chaotic with departures but the inside desk usually is not too busy. If you need to get another Lyft you can start looking for one when you’re almost done at Bell Services. Depending on how many bags you have, this might take ten minutes but probably less time than that.

I think your timeline is fine and it’s definitely do-able. You don’t need to contact the resort, if you are checked-in online. They’ll just text you with your room number later.

Have fun! We loved the BWI, the location is just outstanding, and I like the fact that it’s a bit smaller and quieter than most of the other resorts, but you still have the whole Boardwalk right there.

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why not use the disney bus transportation to go from BWI to MK?

We absolutely could. But based on the sense of urgency to get there and not knowing how long it will take to get our bags dropped off, I don’t know that I could trust the Disney buses to get us there in time.

Could you send all but one person straight to MK? Then if there is a snafu with luggage drop off only one person gets the shaft?

Not a bad idea at all.

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I haven’t used Lyft, but with Uber I know you can schedule a stop before your final stop before you call the ride. We plan on doing that on our last day to go from MK (CR) to Pop to get our bags, then on to MCO. Only added a few dollars more to the estimated cost. Trying to milk a couple more hours in park before we leave, and flying Frontier so cant check bags at resort.

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The cost may not be worth it for you, but Orlando does have at least one luggage storage/delivery service. You could have them pick up your luggage from your initial hotel and deliver it to your resort later.

That’s an interesting idea as well. I looked up the company it would cost over $200!! Crazy expensive but it’s certainly convenient. I think we are gonna just send 1 person with the luggage and have everyone else head to MK.

You could also have your initial hotel store it and go back to get it later in the day.

This is the most simple and probably best solution I’ve heard of yet.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this.

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