Arrival day plans

Hi! A couple questions regarding our arrival day as well as open to advice for making plans for that day. Coming from Canada, Wed Nov 28, flight arrives at 12:30pm and will be using DME and staying at POR. We plan on visiting DHS that late afternoon/evening and have a 5:50pm reservation at Mama Melrose. We would like to ride Tower of Terror, see Toy Story land & ride all 3 rides and see Fantasmic. Anything else is just bonus. I know I can build a touring plan for this and will but…

Q1 - what time should we expect to arrive at the resort? I’d like to check in at the desk to try to get the best room possible. Should we wait for our luggage and go to our rooms or can we head right to the park? Once we have checked in can we just head to the park for the night and have our bags brought to our room when they arrive so we come back from the park to all our stuff in the room? Is that a thing?

Q2 - based on the above, what time would we expect to arrive at DHS?


Can you do on-line check in coming from Canada?
Then you don’t have to go to the desk & can just leave any bags at bell services and go to the park

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All of the timing is influenced also by whether you are clearing US Customs in Canada or in Orlando.


I am 99% sure that every flight coming from Canada will be clearing customs in Canada. You can actually get the MDE yellow tags mailed to you in Canada.

So that means you can get straight off the plane to MDE and let them pick up your suitcases. Fron landing to POR to the bus to HS, I would put aside 3 Hours.
Do you have FPP for your rides yet? Because you can actually get some for ToT, RRC and one of the TSL, so your plannis probably feasible!

Last year, we landed, grabbed MDE, dropped carry ons at POR and went straight to DHS.