Arrival day - evening at Epcot

Hi! Planning a trip in early May with my 7 year old. Flight arrives at 1:30 on Saturday. I’m allowing 3 hours for transportation (DME to resort, and bus or Uber from resort to park). Does that sound reasonable?

Assuming a 4:30 arrival time to Epcot, what should my FP strategy be? I would like to FP Frozen. I’m not interested in many of the tier 2 rides. Would it be possible to book these for early in the day and let them expire, so that I can try to book a 4th FP for Soarin or TT? Does the app indicate if the FP has expired or do you have to actually use it?


I don’t know about the expiration aspect, but Soarin is usually easy to pick up same day but not sure about about that late in the day. What is the CL estimated for that day?

I’d use your other FPP on Nemo or figment and Spaceship Earth. My DD7’s favorite ride in EP was mission space

TT has single rider line. Age 7, she should be able to use that line as long as you both understand you may not ride together.

Projected crowd level is 7. The rest of the week is projected to be about level 3, but our Epcot day is Saturday so it’s a good bit higher.

I would probably FP
Frozen 5-6pm
Pick 2 others, 6-7 and 7-8.
By then, Soarin’s line may have decreased quite a bit.

Have you tried plugging into a Touring Plan to see what the software tells you to do?

I heard Spaceship earth has been having reasonably long queues at times so an FP would be worth it on that.