Arrival Day/Character Meet question

Originally posted in the [Character Spot closing?] thread, but @crankyduck suggested I open a new thread. Thanks for the suggestion.

All right, I need help with this now that Character Spot is closing. We are arriving 9/7 which is set to be the last day for some of these meet and greets. Our Epcot day is currently set for 9/8. Meeting Baymax and Joy and Sadness are both huge for our kids. Sounds like Baymax is done after 9/7 and unsure about Sadness.

Current Plans are as follows.

9/7 - Arrive at MCO at 8:20
Planning on spending 4-5 hours at AK
Trying to not schedule too much this day as we will leaving for the airport around 4:00 AM.

9/8 - At Epcot
Morning - Future World
Afternoon - World Showcase
12:40 ADR at Akershush

I want to try my best to meet Baymax and Joy & Sadness. But I don’t want to mess with my ADR. Should I…

  1. Keep plans the way it is but add a short trip to Epcot for the 2 meet and greets on arrival day? We have Park Hopper.
  2. Do Future World +FEA on 9/7. Split 9/8 between AK and Epcot, using AK fast-passes.
  3. @crankyduck Suggested moving Akhershush to 9/7, so then we could pretty much flip our first two days.

Since I don’t have too much scheduled for 9/7 and our ADR on 9/8 is mid day. I’m leaning toward option 1 but interested to hear your thoughts.

Fast Pass day is next Monday so I’m trying to figure this out rather quickly.

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I’d hop to EP on arrival day just for the meet and greets.


Another vote for this. It will take a while to do all the m&g’s, so it won’t be a quick stop unfortunately. The only thing I would add is if when you’re leaving the line for spaceship earth is short I would ride it before leaving

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I’m going to continue the thought of a split day 1. I didn’t see any ADRs on day 1. So, I’d go to Epcot first to do the M&G - making sure they are there and can knock them out. Then you can go to AK and stay for however long you want before resting. That way you don’t overstay at AK and feel like you are dragging yourself to Epcot.

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