Arrival Day ADR 1900 Park Fare?

Our flight arrives 12/21 9am. Taking Magic Express to GF. All we have planned for the first day is MVMCP and entering the park at 4pm, so we don’t use park day. Can we make ADRs before check in?
I had originally planned 1900 Park Fare on last day, but would rather do it when we arrive. We want to do breakfast and it looks like that goes until 11:50. Think allowing 2 hours from airport to GF and dropping our carry ons at bell service would allow us enough time to make a 11 am ADR?

I would never advise making an ADR on arrival day until at least 4-5 hours after you’re due to land. Though you could always modify to a later date and cancel if you’re not going to make it - flight delayed, long wait for ME etc - if it’s not a must do.

I don’t think you’d never make it by 11:00. I wouldn’t book anything before 1:00 to be safe. My last flight was delayed by almost an hour and then we had to wait on the ME bus for about 30 minutes. That was my first delayed flight and I’d never had to wait on the ME to leave before.


I don’t think a breakfast ADR at 1900 PF is too hard to get. For instance, right now you book an 11am ADR for today.

Why not just stop in once you arrive at the hotel and try to get a table then? Or maybe once you’re on MDE check for availability and book it? It seems like if your flight is on time, you’d likely still be able to get a table.


I would aim for a dinner ADR at 1900 Park fare instead on that arrival day. You don’t want to be massively stressed over any flight delay.