Arrival Day 4/18/20

Looking for arrival day advice. Arriving Saturday 4/18/20. Not sure what time yet because flights aren’t booking that far out for Southwest yet, but hopefully landing by noon or 1 pm. Thinking ahead to making dining reservations Monday. We are staying at POP. Have 5 park days total. I was thinking DHS with a Fantasmic Dinner Package. If we ate at 6 pm would that work for Fantasmic at 8:30? Also-fast passes. What time to start?
Thanks for your help!


Yes. This should be fine. Dinner should take 70 - 90 minutes at the most. This would get you to F! by 7:30pm - 7:45pm

Typically, if using DME or Uber, it will take you about 60 - 90 minutes to get to your hotel after you land. (Lot’s of unknown factors you haven’t detailed about how you plan to travel / hotel - so I’m assuming a “typical” scenario.) Then you have to make your way over to the DHS - another 45+ minutes.

So… let’s assume everything goes slowly + you land at 1pm. I would start my FPP about 3:30pm - 4pm

Are Fantasmic packages offered for dining that late? Typically they wrap up on the early side of the dinner hours. So you may want/need to do your dinner first and then your fast passes.

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I’ve only done Mama Melrose’s at F! package at lunch.

You are probably correct. Makes total sense!

Yes definitely check the package schedule when it is released (not always available at 180). They have definite end times so that you don’t have to worry about making it to the show. I know we have always had lunch at HBD when we do it.

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I had a 6:20 dinner reservation on a night when Fantasmic! Is scheduled to start at 9:00.

If you want the Fantasmic Package you have to book that as a separate dining reservation. And you should book as soon as they become available. (Sometimes the Packages are not available at the 180 day window)
Also the times that are available are not during peak hours. I think 4:00 or 4:30 is about as late as you can get.

Since it appear that you aren’t a frequent WDW visitor, I personally would give more time between landing at MCO and your first FP time. There are so many variables that have to line up perfectly so that you could make it to a 2-1/2 hour FP after landing (even having the hour FP cushion, it’s awful close). If you are a first timer or haven’t been to MCO or WDW in a long time, it just takes more time to figure out where to go…MCO is a madhouse and the ME directions aren’t great from SW gates…Once you know your exact SW flight arrival then I’d recommend figure starting a FP about 5pm.