Armed Forces Salute tickets & APRs

9 July the travel office at the army post near us got the go ahead to resume sales of the Armed Forces Salute tickets. This travel office is open by reservation only, and mine was for 14 July.

When I picked up our 6 day tickets I was told the December black out dates were removed and the ticket expiration is now in September 2021. Disney also requested travel office agents to urge clients to check the reservation availability page and to select days for parks asap.

Being inherently unable to follow instructions I started doing the APRs on 16 July and was rocking right along for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday reservations.

Thursday brought the whole thing to a screeching halt with an error message to check our ticket media to make sure they were all the same kind.

Called Disney and got a 45 minute wait notice, so got on chat instead. Within 20 minutes Dionne on chat and her escalation team had figured out the difficulty was beyond them. She left me with a number to call - Disney ticket office.

Which I did this afternoon and after maybe 20 or 30 minutes on hold, a very nice CM - failed to get her name - tried to help, got another team on the line to help, and after another maybe 30 minutes we were able to get a park for Thursday. Our last days are after the date of the old blackout. They decided the problem was a system “delay”, because everything’s new.

So somebody somewhere has been told about this and we’ll eventually get our last two park days. Since we’re going the 3rd week of December, I’m happy to give them some time before calling back for more help.

Oh dear. The salute tix are always complicated in normal times. I hope this works out for you. We have only ever gone on salute tix, 3 times.


Update on the Armed Forces Salute tickets we have that still had the December black out dates despite Disney saying black out dates were removed - thus no joy when trying to reserve parks for last 2 days.

I received an email this afternoon about 2:05 from Marie with the eCommerce Sales and Service Team. She confirmed the problem, said they were working on the back end, and offered to make the final two park reservations for me by email.

I replied instantly with our choices.

At 9:40 this evening she replied that the park reservations were successful and to check MDE to make sure.

The park reservations are showing on My Plans.

We have gobs of time till our trip so I actually forgot about calling to check the status of the black out dates.

Very satisfactory that Disney followed thru on this.

In case anyone else is having Armed Forces Salute tickets difficulties, be sure to contact Disney.

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