Armed Forces Salute Tickets and FP+

Planning a trip w/my husband’s side of the family. My BIL is in the Army and bought the armed forces salute tickets for the 6 adults in the group. Does he have to manage and make all the FP+ for the 6 of us or can I get the ticket id code from the 2 tickets for my husband and I add it into my DME and make my our own FP’s?

You should be able to do your own. He will have to be with you on your first day in the parks to activate the hard tickets, but you can do everything else electronically on your own.

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I agree. The time when it matters to have the military ID is when you are activating the tickets in person. They don’t care about that for ADRs or FP, you just have to have added the code into your MDE account.