Argument Against On-Line Check-In

Argument makes sense. Come to think of it, all of my upgrades were from when I didn’t check-in on-like. Have any of you gotten an upgrade w on-line check-in?

We did online check-in for POR last trip requesting AB has we had never stayed in that part. Upon check-in they apologized and said no AB available so they were upgrading us to a Royal Room.

I have tried it both ways. Never upgraded with either. I was DOWNGRADED at Grand Floridian from a Deluxe Club Room to a handicap accessible garden view and also downgraded at the Yacht Club with online checkin from a Deluxe Club level with lagoon view to standard club room, no lagoon view.

Awesome!!! Sweet deal! How did you like the Royal Room? I’ll be in one next month. Headboards sound a little like the ones at the Disneyland Hotel with lighting effects.

Say what? Never heard of a downgrade. Uncool.

Happens ALL THE TIME - I guess we also got bumped out of a Royal Room but I can’t remember if we did online check in or not for that one. Happened at AKL too.

It’s another reason I tend to come down on the negative side of club level.

No, it’s nonsense. If hotels worked like this, all those who pull off the highway and check in to a hotel last mintue, would always get the premium rooms.

Hotels also know who are repeat guests so a WDW writer who logs many trips is know to them which invalids any “spontaneous” magic.

All hotels overbook. You get “upgraded” if your category is overbooked and no rooms are left when your check-in hits the room assigner. Outside hotels also move overbooked guests to another hotel that they have an agreement with, they call it “walking” a guest.

I do believe when you load up on location requests, you reduce your chances.

Here is the key text in the article:
“Keep in mind I have no idea how the computer system at Disney World works these are just my thoughts and ideas, your situations might be the total opposite.”

In other words, this is total BS.

Heh. You always make me grin @brklinck. Good point.

I have gotten upgraded to CL at BC twice when I did online check-in.

Debunked! Thanks guys

I’ve almost always gotten upgraded in some way, preferred, water view, king bed. And been using early check in for the last 6 trips.

Always annoyed king bed is a higher point at some resorts. Clearly, isn’t it a clue that I have LESS people in a room and use less amenities?

Yes, but people are willing to pay more for it, so that sets the price point. :smile:

That being said, aside from when we got a princess room at POR, the clerk has always told us, “Oh since you only had 2 on the reservation, we put you in a king room, is that ok?” so i guess they don’t book them as much as they’d like.

We liked the room and the headboards but the location is what we really loved. Can’t be beat in my opinion. We have stayed there twice and would go back again without hesitation.

I too did onlne check’in at BC, garden view and I was upgraded to CL water view.

September 2013 did online checkin at GF and was upgraded to MK view.

I always check in online ahead of time and was upgraded from a standard view bunkbed room (that was cheapest available when I booked) to a pool view at Wilderness Lodge when arriving late at night.

Checked into BW today after online check in and was upgraded from standard to BW view.

I recently stayed at Fort Wilderness. I requested a site on the 400 or 700 loops using online check-in as early as possible. I was given a site in the 1100 loop - about as far away from where I requested as you can get. I was not even given an apology - my request was never acknowledged. I fail to see the purpose of the on line check in if your requests are going to be totally ignored.