Argh, planning for others

Idk what to title this that can adequately describe my feelings. This is going to be a rant.

We have been planning a 2023 trip to WDW with my inlaws and their kids. My wife and I are Disney addicts and haven’t been since 2016. WAY too long. We had a trip scheduled for last month but cancelled it because of Delta. I am used to going every 2–3 years. They haven’t ever been. So we settle on dates, we settle on the Poly (out of our budget but a bucket list item for me), I made a Facebook group with a counter and everything. We even resumed watching our Disney vloggers because we once again had hope, and I reached out to our TA… and today my MIL says:

“I think we might actually want to do a Disney cruise. My coworker swears by them.”

(Insert frustrated sobbing here)

Okay, I know, for a cruise, Disney is great. But I’m just not interested in cruises. No offense meant to anyone who loves them, but they aren’t for me. I need Pirates, and JC puns, and RotR, and the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room.

I’m just posting because I knew someone(s) here would understand my pain.


You have my sympathies! Forgive me for laughing about your MIL. :laughing: We have only ever gone with our family of 4. We sometimes think about meeting up with extended family members for a group trip, but always dismiss that idea. I can’t imagine the frustration of dealing with people who can’t fall in line behind a liner!


I see two options: do a cruise before or after your WDW days, or tell them to have a great time on their cruise :ship:!


It’s probably going to be the latter. We don’t have the budget for both. :grin:

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Oh, these are good suggestions. But if Poly is challenging your budget a cruise will run it aground. But if they are paying… ??? It’s difficult planning for larger groups and extended family. It will be a different trip try to plan in some time apart from the bigger/extended group to do the things you like best.

Yes, I Googled the average cost, and for a trip of equal length it would be like double. I’m not willing to pay that for no rides.


sounds like you have your answer :wink:


Disney cruises sound good in theory but once I compare prices we always end up on another cruise line. With a family of 7 a cruise is already a major endeavor.


The Poly is awesome BTW. Checked it off my bucket list this year too and I want to go back some more :weary:

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I usually do the planning. DH tells me his “must dos” and I make it work. After our last trip he asked me about staying at the Contemporary next time. I told him how much it cost. It’s no longer on his “I’d liked to do that” list.


I still want to stay in an “Incredibles” room. We used DVC points for BLT… NOT the same, no fun theming, but I’m w/ your DH on the cost of those rooms. I remember paying $125 a night in 1995


Ooh, I’m so sorry! We have never vacationed with anyone except the 4 of us, and I know a trip with ILs would make me crazy; I love them, they are great people, but not on vacation.

I would tell them to have fun on their cruise. I would love to stay at the Contemporary one day, but it have to be a short trip and one where the kids (21 and 19) don’t go!

You might want to research renting DVC points for BLT or the Poly. It could save you some cash if those are places you really want to stay.

Also, I sympathize with your frustration over your MIL’s waffling.

Don’t give up your dream trip. It sounds to me like your relative is responding to someone they know who said the cruise is good, and your relative might not even be that into the cruise idea. It probably is a great cruise, but not at the expense of others who are planning the trip. If your relative isn’t swayable to keep the current plans then change the plans and have separate vacations. These are major, expensive vacations so you should get what you want. Maybe you can make a separate plan with the relatives for another time. I am very big on taking the trips YOU want to. We all have limited time and money. It can be hard when others are involved, but of course others are sometimes what makes the trips really special.

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