Are you stuck at a DW resort during Matthew?

Tell us what’s going on there! Give us the inside scoop!
Is Disney doing anything extra special for guests today?
Is it impossible to get into the resort restaurants?
Does it seem crazy crowded at the resorts since no one can leave?
Is there any food even available?
How about electricity, water, etc?
What’s it like outside? Winds scary strong? Heavy rain? Any flooding?

What else can you tell us?

We are at French Quarter. Last night the line for the “box lunch” was at least 2.5 hours. But that sounds like the exception, not the rule, as the food court is undergoing renovations.

Quiet night with more wind/rain at times this morning. Last night they had the arcade open with free games. Our MNNSHP for tonight is cancelled and we have options (refund, exchange for single day park hoppers, pick another party).

Bummed about the party, but we plan to wear our outfits on Sunday as only one really looks like a costume.

Hoping all will be open tomorrow as we have our Dining with an Animal Specialist lunch.


Seems slightly ironic to be staying at POFQ during a hurricane. Hope you have a great day despite the storm. Have some beignets for me.


We are at Caribbean Beach. Last night was quiet outside, rainy and a little windy. Today more rain and windy. Food court here was also packed and terrible here last night. Boxed lunches were late to arrive and the food court lines were terrible! Food court closed at 10 pm last night and continues to be closed this afternoon. Disney continues to update us about closures via the room voicemail system. At this point they are asking everyone to stay in their rooms.

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Thanks for the update. I’m surprised there aren’t more of you on here, answering this thread, being cooped up in your rooms.

We were at Fort Wilderness cabins. We were evacuated Wednesday to Riverside. Lots of disorganization. We are presently on lockdown at Riverside… No restaurant open as far as I know… Eating our snacks… Our friends at the Wilderness Lodge has restaurants open… Frustrating… Hope to get out on our Sunday morning flight since our flight was cancelled on Thursday night…