Are you an addict?

Oh I am excited for the Louvre too! I also am newly excited about the L’orangerie. I can’t wait to see Monet’s work!


It’s not like a chemical addiction the way nicotine or cocaine would cause addiction. It’s also not this:

Cause it’s not negative.

I do agree with this:

But all that said, I am completely addicted to Disney! It just brings so much joy and anticipation. Part of it is that there is just so much to see and do that I can never do it all! But also I can “accomplish” a set of tasks (like riding all the rides) that makes me feel productive. And it’s not an unknown location that makes me feel anxious, like a foreign country would.

The perfect storm for someone with compulsive tendencies …



I am not sure I follow what you are disagreeing with since it’s essentially the same thing Tall Paull said.

For Disney to be an addiction it would need to have a negative effect on someone’s life such as [ enter Tall Paul’s examples]


Oh I’m just saying I don’t think I’m addicted by the definition you gave. But I think someone could be.


Ah ok. I’m not addicted either using those parameters…( see, I’m worried :joy: )


Can You Be Addicted to Adrenaline? | Psychology Today

Adrenaline is a substance released in the body when a person feels a strong emotion, such as excitement, fear, or anger.

Some people, known as sensation-seekers, are adrenaline junkies. Psychologist Marvin Zuckerman defines sensation-seeking behavior as the pursuit of novel and intense experiences without regard for physical, social, legal, or financial risk. Sensation-seeking is a general personality trait. And like any personality trait, it is more than 50 percent determined by heredity.

So maybe not a true chemical addiction but more in line with my personal endorphin issues…

Planning for me is the way I ensure my next fix.


Oh good. I’m not an adrenaline junky. :blush:

Wait, which is WDW? The happiest place or the most magical place? :thinking:

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This one.

Disneyland is happiest.



Then I’m addicted to magic.

And before dementia, DH did report negative and relationship damaging effects. :smile:

Last trip he was just happy to be there. :blush: Maybe he thought he was at Disneyland

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Yeah that’s why I listed myself as “cross addicted”

I am an adrenaline junkie since forced retirement is filled by coasters like Parthenon @ Busch Gardens and a sensation seeker through disney. Not to mention theme park treats OMG funnel cake!

Lol there was a trip report going on Dollywood last year during fall festival- I couldn’t help myself jumped in the car on a lazy Sunday and went up just for a few hours…funnel cake, park decorations and *screaming eagle



Yes, I’m addicted to Disney vacations but I have expanded to Disney cruises now too.


Ok so instead of cleaning the kitchen this morning -I just took a peak at the queue for moonlight magic…even though my upcoming trip does not coincide with the dates
Whoops was able to score tickets for next week, booked cheap Spirit flights
booked a 2 bedroom over at Wyndham Bonnet Creek- * now hopefully I can convince the family to meet me *


Super jelly! I love Paris! If you have time, the Cluny is, in my opinion, an underrated (and often less frequented) option. (Don’t get me wrong - see the louvre and l’orangerie and the d’Orsay and possibly the Rodin too, but if you have even more time!)


Thanks! I didn’t have that on my list but adding as a possibility. We have 10 days so we definitely have a decent amount of time to explore lots of museums!


Are my wife and I addicted? Absolutely. I think we have gone 21 times since 2011 and are planning our 22nd in April for Happily Ever After.

It’s been very hard for us over the past decade however with all of the changes made at the parks (that have cost us more but given us less) but we still come back. The magic is just too intoxicating. The all is our favorite as the F&W Festival always leave us happy,. And we have met so many great artists during F.A.R.T.S that just saying hi once a year is wonderful.

Seeing Tink fly at the end of the night never gets old my friends.


You might be addicted but you’re also an example of we get out what we put in, so much of the time.

I haven’t been as many times tho my first trip was 1974 (hot, with whiny kids, I was that person in the middle of the walkway with the upside-down map).

Currently I’m a trip behind you but I’m sure that’s a number that will grow.

About those changes. In 1974 WDW = MK
and there were no mountains :smile::wink: