Are you an addict?

Not that I’m attention-seeking or anything but, as attentive readers will know, I’ve reinstated my June trip.

I made the decision earlier on today, and I feel fricken fantastic. Like, giant line of coke off a hooker’s back (we’ve all done it) fantastic.

And it slightly worries me.

I went cold turkey on WDW. I unfollowed all my YouTube channels and Instagram / Twitter / Facebook accounts. I booked DLP. And I was miserable. Maybe a little ragey. (Shush.)

But now? Elated. Super-excited. Motivated. Filled with life-force.

Isn’t this all classic addiction stuff? Isn’t that, you know, bad ?


Perish the thought. :sunglasses:


Let’s try to stay on topic.

Oh, which I guess is me.

As you were.


Happiness related to doing (or planning to do) things you like isn’t addiction!


Right there with you.

After our Christmas 2021 trip the “kids” (18 and 21) said they were done for awhile and we should travel to other places. DH has never been a huge WDW fan. So I unsubscribed and unfollowed and even let my TP subscription expire for the first time in many years. We went to Cancun after Christmas and it was lovely. Absolutely lovely.

But I am a spoiled brat and kinda wished I was at Disney.

Then I called my BFF a few weeks ago and said I have a week off in February so we should do something without the fams tagging along. She replied “we’ve never done Disney. Well, not since high school. Let’s go to Disney.”.

Well, let me tell you a freaking light turned on and I am in making touring plans, buying convention tickets, stalking ADRs, watching All Ears videos, HEAVEN.

Now my spoiled brat self is a little sad that the trip planning time is so short because it will be over soon. I am impossible to please, apparently.


I understand this feeling! It is hard for other things to compete.


Definite addict


I renewed my AP on the very last day because I could not part with it even though I had no trips planned. I’m hoping to go to WDW for Tron AP preview (if they ever announce the damn thing!) in March …, even though I’m going to Japan (yes going to TDR) in April. Definite addict.


My husband told someone the other day that I am happiest when planning a Disney trip. And it’s true! And apparently the best part of a vacation:

“The study, published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, showed that the largest boost in happiness comes from the simple act of planning a vacation. In the study, the effect of vacation anticipation boosted happiness for eight weeks.”


This is something I learned about a long time ago, and it’s why we always have our next vacation on the calendar. Maybe not booked, but at least I can do targeted research off and on.


Not necessarily bad to be addicted to something if downside and risk are minimal.

If someone addicted to Disney is damaging important relationships, underperforming at their job and other life responsibilities, or devastating their finances over it, then it may be time to step back and assess.

Otherwise, if not hurting yourself or others or tied to something immoral, it’s just spending time and money doing what you enjoy, which is a good thing.

Happy to see a new trip on the horizon and that you’re excited about it, Matt.


funny you brought up the AP-

right before I jumped over here I was running the numbers for the inspire magic key…I would need 2.7- 5 park day trips in a year to justify that key and yet here I am trying to squish the numbers. Thats completely unreasonable and I understand that .I know that adding 2 week long trips takes away from my other planed trips and it doesn’t seem to matter.

In 2022 I spent five long weekends and one full 7 night trip in WDW. iIs a reasonable drive @10 hours broken up over 2 days or when I can a cheap flight usually < $100 and I had a hard time justifying that pass.

@mousematt - hi my name is noreen and I am a cross addicted theme park junkie -


Yeah I have thought about this myself. We are going to Paris next month. Like I should be super pumped but it doesn’t bring the anticipation that I feel when planning a WDW trip. What is wrong with me? It’s Paris! I should be on cloud 9.


Exactly! The Louvre! The d’Orsay!


We are a 5 minute walk from the Louvre. I am mostly excited about Versailles but maybe I just need to get there to be really excited?


Exactly! In German, we have a word called “Vorfreude”. It would translate literally as “pre-joy”, and it describes the joyous anticipation that you feel in the run up to something great. I felt so vindicated when I first saw studies on this.

Vorfreude is real, especially for those of us who actually enjoy making spreadsheets to plan their vacations!


I love Disney and love planning Disney trips (averaging about 2 a year) but I think of it more as a hobby. I feel it’s comparable to other hobbies. When I think about my co-worker that loves to ski and plans a few ski vacations per year. That’s expensive with lodging, airfare, ski equipment, lift tickets but that’s his thing. I also think about friends who golf and go once a week almost every week during golf season. I’m sure that adds up too, $$! But that’s their thing. I think you’ve found something that makes you happy. Nothing wrong with that. Disney and Disney trip planning makes you happy so that’s a good thing.


As I understand, there are two common elements to an addiction:

  1. Has a negative effect on someone’s life
  2. The affected individual knows the behavior is bad for them but is unable to stop it.

That’s true for alcoholism, food addiction, love addiction, gambling addiction, internet addiction, and so on.

I have wondered about this too.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I’d rather visit the Louvre than Versailles. Versailles is gaudy and pretentious. If they haven’t done anything with them, the stones in the courtyard are a threat to your ankles. The Louvre, however? Beauty everywhere!

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