Are we insane?

Was just throwing around ideas with DH and he may have intimated that he would go on a quick trip this fall to see galaxys edge. I know Rise of the Resistance isn’t opening until Dec 5th, but this could be a quick trip to do toy story land and galaxys edge. And maybe Flight of Passage again.

Are we insane? We don’t want to spend a ton of money on this trip (ha. ha.). Is it possible to stay off property and still get fast passes for anything? Are we just going to be standing in line the whole time? Is this a waste of money? I know that’s subjective. But would YOU take a quick weekend trip just to do Hollywood studios and animal kingdom?

What say you?

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I personally wouldn’t do less than 3 full days, that being said, falls around the corner. Staying off property might save you money but you could lose time. Are you flying or driving?

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I never say no to a Disney trip…but with the deals floating around right now, you might think about staying on property. What do you consider a quick trip? There are no FP for Galaxy’s Edge anyway, and that way you could take advantage of EEEEEEEMH (if you’re willing to be at the park by 6am)


I would wait for Rise of the Resistance to open if you do not already have a trip booked. In my opinion and after viewing SWGE in CA. The theme of the land is cool but if you are not going to build a light saber and/or droid, buy merch in very small shops. There is just not enough to do with only a so so ride and the cantina (2 drinks and 45 minutes only). I was so excited about SWGE and I was disappointed… it did not live up to the hype for me. Wish I would have saved the money waited until the land was complete, with lower crowds, so I could truly experience the Disney vision. That my 2 cents.


I personally wouldn’t do an offsite stay this fall because of the EEMH. It’s going to make things much harder. Maybe check out Priceline express deals instead?

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I would stay on property if possible, but we took my niece for her first trip last Jan and just we down for a long weekend - did MK and AK only. We had a great time! Plenty of time for Disney magic. Just a totally different perspective in the trip - have the two or three top priorities each day and anything else you fit in is just bonus.

Check out mousesavers, they often have great deals at the Disney Springs good neighbor hotels. Then you’d have 60 day FPP and access to the EEMH at HS


And when you have a short trip, time is even more important—


Nope. I’d wait and take a longer trip, with all of SWGE open, and plenty of time to plan a fulfilling trip.
This weekend trip is my desire to get that quick fix in.
I can get that fix by beginning to plan for the Big Trip. I would get with my family, discuss some dates into the future, and then let the planning begin.

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I agree. Sometimes last minute is stressful. Id take the money and use it to make my next trip even better, when all of SWGE is complete.

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It would be a fun weekend. However, if staying off-site, i would not expect to get a FPP to FOP or SDD. If you happen to snag one, great - a bonus. But I’d proceed with plans as if that will not likely happen.

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These are good points. I do think it’s going to be a couple of years before we can go again. But I’m thinking a short trip may not be enough. Thank you for the response!

If u just have a weekend have u thought of universal? Can see both parks in 2 days.