Are touring plans reflective of current state of parks?

I am am heading to Disney for my second trip ever next month. Our first trip we used the touring plans and it worked amazingly well to maximize our park times! Are optimized touring plans made with the current way parks are right now (no FP, distancing guidelines etc)? Have people found them accurate and still as helpful??

Have you looked at the covid touring plans?

No! where are they?

On the app they are at the bottom of the plans I believe. On the website there is a section at the top .

I like to make TPs for trips I never take just to test the accuracy. I’ve done it every week day for about the last 2 weeks. They’ve been really accurate. (Not 100%, but probably 90%)

I look at the MDE app and see what the posted times are then compare to see if that matches in the Lines App. If it does I follow the predicted TP wait for that step.

For the one I’m following today, I’m actually about 30 minutes ahead of schedule! (Lightning McQueen queue was predicted more than double what the actual wait was.)


This post is really helpful because I always use TP’s, but I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t bother this time with Covid messing everything up. I guess I will go ahead then if they have been somewhat accurate! (I dread looking at the predicted wait times. We always maximize the use of FP’s :anguished:)