Are ticket cards transferable?

We are leaving for out first visit to WDW in 2 weeks. We purchased 3 4-day base tickets for the parks, and our cards arrived a couple of days ago.

With our purchase, they gave us an extra day free! Ordinarily that would be great, but we have to leave town on a particular day and cannot use the tickets. I know that they are valid for 14 days from the date of first use.

I have friends that live near Orlando. Can I give them our passes to let them use that 5th day? Or are the cards somehow attached to our fingerprint scan or something? Will they only be valid for us?


They are not transferable and will not work for your friends. You have to scan your fingerprint (it’s actually a biometric scan) when you enter the parks.

Rats. OK. Thank you! I am glad I found this out now, as opposed to them learning this at the gates. :smile:

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