Are these Meet and Greets Open during EEMH?

Meet Cinderella & Elena at Princess Fairytale Hall
Meet Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse at Town Square Theater
Meet Rapunzel and Tiana at Princess Fairytale Hall
Meet Tinker Bell at Town Square Theater

The Touring Plans webpage says these are open during EMH (nothing on EEMH), but the WDW webpage listing attractions open during EMH does not list them. There doesn’t appear to be a WDW webpage for what is open during EEMH.

Has anyone been to MK during EEMH and noticed whether these were open? Also, if Meet Mickey/Minnie and Meet Tinkerbelle are open during EEMH, what prevents non-onsite guests waiting in the Main Street area from getting in line for these prior to 8 am?

Mickey/Minnie and Tink were open during EMH at Town Square. They scan your band before you enter to make sure you are eligible for EMH. I’m not certain about Fairytale Hall but I’m pretty sure that it is.



We met both sets of princesses at Princess Fairytale Hall just last week during the extra magic hours. Met them shortly after 7am.


We met Tiana and Rapunzel during EEMH and can confirm that Cinderella and Elana were also available to meet. Not sure about the others.


This is great! I’ve been wondering when a good time to do meet & greets might be. Great question!

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Princess hall is open during EEMH. don’t think town square is


Look at the WDW site, sorting for character experiences and entertainment. It lists hours for each, including any EMH hours. For today, it lists Mickey & Minnie at Town Square Theater, Tinkerbell, Cinderella & Elena, Rapunzel & Tiana, and Ariel.