Are there resources for locals


Are there any resources or tips for people who are local to Disney? By local, I mean people who live close enough that they may choose to drive in just for the evening, people who don’t worry about planning full days, and never worry about hotels.

I have only been in FL a few weeks, and am still figuring things out. My best tip so far was finding the hourly crowds page, and realizing how much the crowds disperse in the afternoons and evenings. some days, the crowds may be a 10 around noon, but drop to a 2 or 1 by the end of the day. So, I may work in the mornings, and head in to a park in the later afternoon.

Another tip, never wait in long lines. You can always come back at a slower time. Yesterday, there were a number of rides that were just walk on, including Pirates and Jungle Cruise. So, why wait in long lines. I have even gone to a park, didn’t go on a single ride. But I did get lots of steps in, which is actually one of my goals, and more enjoyable than a treadmill.

Is there a resource someplace that has collected these kinds of tips for local people?


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I think @vcka might have a local thread going on here but I can’t locate it.

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Here’s what @Sunshiney_Disney_Momma was talking about.


There are plenty of local Disney FB groups- from Moving to Orlando to Lou Mongello’s gang to a group of locals who post daily on WDW Lines chat.

No worries there!

You mentioned an Hourly Crowds Page. Is this page real-time or is it projection based on historical data? Please provide us a link.

The data is a projection based on a number of things, and is part of the crowd calendar here. @bebe80 shows how to view it here - Viewing hourly crowds.

If you follow that link, and check out the sample page captured, you see how the parks crowds are in the red until around 3pm, then quickly drop.

Note: i don’t post a lot, and have not figured out how to post my own images or screenshots, so the links to other’s work will hae to suffice.

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