Are there many electric outlets in Grand Floridian standard rooms?

I’ve run into challenges finding enough outlets to charge all of the families various devices in older hotel rooms before. Is this is an issue in the Grand Floridian? Can any of you who have stayed there advise?


Can’t answer your direct question but I do feel your pain!
My husband and I have a travel kit that we have put together just for charging our devices. The important piece is a USB “cube” or hub that you can plug in to the outlet and then plug your charging cables into. We each use one that you can plug 2 cables into but you can get hubs that will take more. We keep the cubes and extra charging cables in a small zipper bag (I use a pencil bag from the back to school supplies) so it is always ready to go. Extra charging cables are just the cheap ones you can usually find near check stands at your grocery store (maybe a Dollar Store?).
I also suggest a short extension cord because the outlets in hotel rooms are often buried behind the desk or nightstand.
A lot to think about but we can’ head to the parks without a well charged device! Need to be able to see my apps!

We also use USB cubes, they are perfect for multiple charging from one outlet. It also saves us bringing many travel adapters from the UK.

I always pack a power strip!

Thanks! We are going to pull the trigger and get a multi port charger. Since the number of devices n the family keeps going up, it probably won’t be the last time we need it.