Are there Halloween Decorations at Ft. Wilderness?

We’re heading down at the end of September. I’ve heard different things about Halloween decorations at Ft. Wilderness, is it worth a trip over there to look around the campsites? Do they still offer the carriage ride?

We did the carriage ride in December and the campsites were awesome! Will it be the same for Halloween?

tagging @Armadillo_Alert. She’s the resident expert with Fort Wilderness

Awesome! thanks :slight_smile:

It is worth a trip to go there to look at the Halloween decorations! We really enjoyed it last year. It was a bit difficult to find a parking spot on October 31st itself, but once you’re walking around the campsites, it is not that crowded.

They still offer the carriage rides. What route you take may depend on which carriage driver you have, but you could let him or her know that you’d like to go see the decorated campsites (we informed our driver at Christmastime that we wanted to see the decorations, and she took us through the campsites).

The resort itself doesn’t really decorate for Halloween but a bunch of the guests will decorate their campsites. End of September may be a little early for seeing a lot of decor. many of the folks with the larger RVs will do a general decor on their site. Some get pretty creative.

We’ll def check it out then. We love Ft. Wilderness so it’ll be a fun night out.